Stationery Management

Our Stationery Management service allows you to outsource all your stationery printing and stationery requirements to us, leaving you free to focus on your core business.By outsourcing your stationery design and printing needs to us as your preferred stationery printing company, you gain an innovative way to cut costs, centralise your internal and external document management and control your brand.

What does Stationery Management mean for you?

- One stop shop to deliver and manage your stationery design and print requirements.
- Quality control in view of your brand and corporate image.
- Competitive and consistent print pricing.
- Discounts on bulk printing and branding purchases and high volumes.
- Reduction in print and design transactions.
- An In-house design and Prepress unit, you can clearly monitor and control departmental budgets.
- No theft and pilferage.

Our Stationery Management offering includes:

The option of a personalised or standard print and branding solution Outsourcing or single sourcing of generic stationery and printed stationery Centralised management of office stationery, consumables and printed stationery Faster and more convenient management of recurrent print jobs Control over your brand's application in all printed stationery

Some of our clients who've adapted Stationery Management are:

  • - Peace Corps.
  • - Parklands Baptist School.
  • - Ke-USA Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS.
  • - Parklands Baptist Church.
  • - CookSwell.

Print services

Are you looking into printing on plastic? Well look no further, we at Cheleq Ventures Printing also specialize in printing on plastic, another service that makes us unique.

Digital printing is the process of producing printed material without the use of films or plates. We provide fast and efficient digital printing services in Kenya covering mainly direct mailers, invitations, menus, sales kits, reports, corporate stationery, fliers and calendars, among others.

Time is money; we therefore offer you solutions for all your time sensitive projects. All you have to do is provide us your file either by uploading it here or dropping your CD to our offices, and your printing job is able to proceed.

Our digital print solutions cover the following but not limited to:

  • - Magazines & Brochures
  • - Short Runs
  • - Invitation Cards
  • - Certificates & Presentations
  • - Visiting & Greeting Cards

Why choose us?

We understand that choosing the right printing company can be difficult. When it comes to your printing needs and requirements, we stand out for our sustained quality commercial printing, dedication to all clients and our drive to acquire state of the art print technology.We have our own in-house design department (Mac & PC) as well as a pre-press department at both our units.

We are proud to say that we were the fast growing print press in Kenya in print media technology. As a quality print house in Nairobi, we can provide you with the complete printing package; right from design and typesetting to pre-press services, straight through to press and finishing services.

Design & Typesetting

Pre-press - This entails the series of steps taken to prepare your project for printing. The printer takes the files that were created along with the fonts and images that were linked and translates them into a form their computer hardware and software understands. It involves the following basic steps:

  • - Proofing
  • - Colour Separations
  • -(Computer to Plate) CTP
  • - Plate Making

Press - After your proof has been approved, the project is ready to be produced on a printing press. This is the stage that follows the Pre-press stage, it may involve:

  • - 1 to 8 Colours
  • - Digital Print

Finishing - Also known as the 'post-press' stage, this is the final stage in the printing process. It involves all the added cosmetic or functional changes that you would like to have on your final print, for example Die Cutting, Embossing, Blind & Heat, Foiling, Aroma Inks and Lamination.

Promotional Items

We offer a wide range of branded promotional items in different categories, whether as corporate gifts, print promotional items, or branded corporate gifts and other printing campaigns and giveaways. Our quality print work guarantees that your marketing message will appear on everyday promotional items in an impressive way that will attract your target market. Used well, branded promotional items will assist in building your brand and give you a strong presence in the market place.

Some of the items include:
Branded Merchandise

  • - T-Shirt Branding
  • - Polo Shirt Branding
  • - Cap Branding
  • - Apron Branding
  • - Fleece Branding

Branded Giveaways

  • - Keyring Branding
  • - Mug, Coffee Flask, & Coffee Branding
  • - Clock, Pen, Bag Branding
  • - Radio, USB & Mouse Mat Branding


  • - Pen-Set Branding
  • - Game Branding


  • - Golf Towel Branding
  • - Golf Towel Branding
  • - Badge Branding
  • - Water Bottle Branding

Books & Magazines
- Our 8 colour printing press Heidelberg CD now makes magazine printing and book printing a quick print process. We have the correct finishing machinery to ensure that your printed publication gets the right print finishing whether it's a glossy print fashion magazine or a math book.


Kenya-America AIDS Fight

Is an organisation that helps those affected with the virus, trying to reduce stigma in our society for those living with HIV & AIDS. Trying to give hope that this is not the end of life.

Peace Corps

Our internal peace fighters to prevent civil wars from arising, that is war amoung citizens of the same country. We feel satisfied with services offered by Cheleq and we endorse them.

Parklands Baptist Fraternity

From the school, church and the Young Professionals Network we all would like to thank Cheleq Ventures for the good work they have done and are still doing in our society around and beyond Nairobi.


We are the best cook-point in town but hands down Cheleq Ventures just complimented us in their Safaris Services and we would definitely advice any concerned customer out there, whether you are trying out or second guesing...Cheleq are the guys to hire.